K E Meuir
The Mountain Fog

The Mountain Fog

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Peace is shattered in the small village when the first child disappears in the night. Despite their best efforts to keep them safe, the villagers continue to lose their children, one after another.

Conor, a young orphan in the village, isn’t affected by the disappearances until someone he cares for is taken. Conor realizes that old feelings of mistrust must be put aside and people must rely on each other if they are ever to see the children again.

As the journey to find the children begins, it becomes clear that no one person will be enough to bring the children home. If old enemies don’t learn to work together, setting aside their mistrust of one another, there is little hope.

With the gift of sight and travel, Granny Matilda is pulled into the past where secrets must be kept in order to protect the innocent. She and Conor travel to the mountains together in search of the children and find old enemies, new allies and old secrets.

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