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I just had to share a wonderful review that I received on Goodreads today. So often, readers say the same things in their reviews, which is nice, but the following review my book Steaming: A Sea Story received today on Goodreads is worthy of repeating. Thanks so much for the wonderful reviews and feedback!

“Each time a memory is relived, it changes, and it is possible, perhaps not perfectly, to nurture a new memory in the place of the old one.”

This book was much more than a sea story. Mark Albertson uses the sea story as a symbol for how we never really know what’s real or not, whether it be the stories we hear from others, or even our own distinct memories. Sometimes stories aren’t about truth. I was left stunned, imagining the stories we tell ourselves and the people around us, the way that we protect our own secrets as well as the secrets of others. However, through the story of Bert you see that even though we have secrets, we can reshape them into stories of adventure, even if we may be fabricating elements in order to protect ourselves.

This book has left me reflecting on the adventures hidden in the depths of my own memories, and makes me think of the complexity of “truth”. It gives me hope as well, because it highlights our ability to turn stories of trauma into tales of adventure. Fun, moving, and captivating, this book is wonderful.


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