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Mark David Albertson just received a wonderful Amazon Reader review, and it needs to be shared here:

This is a damn fine book. While it helps if you’ve served in the navy when you read this book. It’s not a requirement. A good read is a good read.

Whether you’ve served or not, you can’t help but be impressed by “Steaming”. The author captures the humor of working and living on a tin can. The fear of your Division Officer. Surrounded by people you like, people you loathe and people you would die for. The book builds to a heart pounding crescendo on the shores of an exotic island. I felt like I was there and was glad I wasn’t. Heart pounding all the while. Good stuff.

I would give it 6 stars if I could but he trashes Operations Specialists (my rate in the navy) constantly, so five stars seems just about right. The photo I submitted was a ship of the Knox Class, same class of ship as the USS Peckham. Buy this book.


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