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Steaming: A Sea Story

By Mark David Albertson

Steaming: A Sea Story

A Novel

Sea Story Series Book One

“It’s not just a job … it’s an adventure!” is the recruiting slogan of the US Navy in the mid-1970’s, at the end of Vietnam.

Americans have been told the war in Southeast Asia is over. Seaman Matthew Bertram, expecting a Navy enlistment of travel and adventure discovers that the war is not yet over.  When he finds himself on charges for diving into Subic Bay to save his Chief’s dentures, he discovers that the life of Navy adventure will take a sudden and catastrophic turn as he takes on a mission that will change his life forever.

Writer Mark David Albertson brings the US Navy of the mid-70’s to colorful life, exploring the world of a young sailor intent on finding adventure.  Along with the fun of exploring new places, Mark paints a portrait of what it was like to be a sailor during this unusual time in history.  His remarkable knack of telling a good sea story will leave readers laughing, crying, and on the edge of their seats as Mark’s character experiences an adventure he never knew was coming.

Spying: A Sea Story

By Mark David Albertson

Spying: A Sea Story


A Novel

 Book Two in the Sea Story Thriller Series

When two sailors are murdered trying to sell classified materials to the Soviet Union, the Naval Investigative Service determines there might be a massive leak of intelligence from one navy ship. They determine the only way to investigate the possible hemorrhage of information is to place someone into the radio shack of the flagship of the Seventh Fleet Commander, the USS Oklahoma City. Because of his unique training and recent combat experience in Cambodia, the choice is clear for the NIS: Radioman Matthew “Bert” Bertram. He has the skills both as a radioman and field agent, and The NIS believes he is the only one capable of stopping the spies.

In this sequel to the praised Novel Steaming: A Sea Story, author Mark David Albertson enthralls his readers with another page-turning thriller filled with twists, turns and surprises around every corner. Mark David Albertson takes his readers on yet another thrill-ride story of spies, treason, murder and intrigue. Spying: A Sea Story is an adrenaline rush of quirky characters, humor and edge-of-the-seat thrills, with plot twists nobody expects.


Spying: A Sea Story

 By Mark David Albertson

Stalking: A Sea Story

 On Sale Now!

A Novel

  Book Three in the Sea Story Thriller Series

When a US Navy ship is cut from its pier and drifts into San Diego Harbor with a cryptic note left behind, NCIS Special Agent Matt Bertram is called upon to launch an investigation. Soon after, more, and escalating acts of sabotage continue, each with notes indicating the same person is at work. The mysterious criminal at work makes it known that his acts of sabotage are intended to directly draw Matt into a tight web of violence, intrigue, blackmail and murder. Racing against the clock, Special Agent Bertram must find the perpetrator in order to stop the madman from killing sailors and destroying billions of dollars of navy property. 

In this third book in the praised Sea Story series author Mark David Albertson enthralls his readers with another page-turning thriller filled with twists, turns and surprises around every corner. Mark David Albertson takes his readers on yet another thrill-ride story of crime, mystery, murder and intrigue. Like the author’s prior books, Stalking is an adrenaline rush of quirky characters, humor and edge-of-the-seat thrills, with plot twists nobody expects.



Mark David Albertson

Born in the “Atomic City,” Los AlamosNew Mexico, once the secret site of the Manhattan project, Mark loved and spent most of his time in the outdoors.  Mark joined the navy right after high school at the end of the Vietnam conflict and became a radioman on a destroyer escort. He left the navy with a dream of someday writing a novel incorporating the adventures of a young sailor, and in 2021 made that happen.



Mark spent over thirty years as an attorney, both as a prosecuting attorney and in private practice.

Since his navy days, Mark was always a writer.  During his time practicing law, he published books and law journal articles both nationally and internationally, but he always longed to write novels.  Mark had left the navy with colorful memories of travel to many countries and of the challenges serving at the end of Vietnam and during the cold war.

In 2017, Mark left the practice of law to write his first novel, the acclaimed thriller, “Steaming: A Sea Story”. In 2021, he published the second book of his Sea story series entitled, “Spying: A Sea Story,” and is scheduled to have the third novel in the series, “Stalking: A Sea Story” on the shelves in 2022.

Mark is married to fellow writer KE Meuir and lives in the Hill Country of Texas where they care for their horses, chickens, dogs and other furry critters.


Mark has an uncharacteristic flare for telling a good story, bring the reader from laughter to pain in the same paragraph


(Mark) writes with a keen sense of humor as he describes life for an inexperienced sailor in the navy. His main character, Bert, finds adventure just as the recruiting posters promise, but so much more along the way. You will not be able to put this down until the very last word is read!


What a great read. It had nostalgia, intrigue, history and insight.  I’m looking forward to more of Matt in future books

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From devastation to victory, the story of these brave men−the deadly, mysterious, and illusive Black Cats is a journey into the past where nightmares came true and hatred reigned. A time in history we should never, ever forget.

The day which will live in infamy…was just the beginning.

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