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We are the sum-total of the decisions we have made thus far.

We are here because we put ourselves here, not because of some cosmic plan.

Just because we are here doesn’t mean we are supposed to be here,

because we make good decisions and bad decisions

that affect not only ourselves, but those around us.

We get moved to other places by other people at times, and we move ourselves and others at times.

Sometimes we are where we don’t want to be, and sometimes we can change it.

Other times, we must live out the pain of being someplace we don’t want to be because someone put us there, or because we made the wrong decision.

When we die, we might have a chance to look back on our decisions. Some we will regret, while others we will affirm.

And hopefully, we will die peacefully and content, knowing that we did the best we could and our life was, overall, well-lived.

Until then, the best we can do, is to think through our decisions, measuring them in our lives, realizing they will always move us to another place.


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